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Did you know that Skallerup was the first in Denmark to offer CO2-neutral holiday accommodations?

Climate and environmental friendliness

It is important to us as a holiday resort that so greatly relies on and benefits from nature, that we do not leave any environmental debt for future generations. With threatening climate changes, we aim to lead the way by offering our guests a climate and environmentally friendly holiday alternative - without compromising on comfort and experience opportunities. When staying in Skallerup, you are likely to have a lower environmental impact than at home - even if you use the hot tub in the holiday house, visit the warm Roman baths, and otherwise enjoy our many facilities.


Skallerup was the first in Denmark to offer CO2-neutral holiday accommodations, and we strive to use CO2-neutral and renewable energy whenever possible.

Here are some examples of why a holiday in Skallerup is an environmentally conscious choice:

Heat pumps: All 142 spa houses are heated by environmentally friendly heat pumps, which provide all heat for underfloor heating, radiators, and hot water. The heat pumps in our spa houses are far more environmentally friendly and sustainable than many other heating sources.

Solar power: The main building has a solar collector system measuring 488 m2 - roughly equivalent to the living space of four detached houses. During the summer months, the system provides plenty of heat energy to the main building, including heating the water in the water park, swimming pool, and Romulus - a total of almost one million liters of bathing water.

CO2-neutral wood chip boiler: A wood chip boiler in the boiler room is used when the solar collector system cannot keep up - particularly during the winter months. We use energy wood chips, which are a CO2-neutral, environmentally friendly fuel as opposed to oil, which is a fossil fuel. All energy wood chips used for the boiler are grown on fields in our local area.

Electricity and energy savings: We have made an agreement with the Danish Energy Agency to make energy-reducing measures year after year. The agreement with the Danish Energy Agency is based on ISO 50001. Every year, the content of the agreement is checked by Det Norske Veritas, which issues a certificate as an independent third-party auditor, certifying that we comply with the standard.

CO2 certification: To ensure that we meet our goal of being CO2-neutral, we document all our energy consumption in an annual report. The report is included as part of our technical quality management system, which is based on ISO 14064. This agreement is also checked every year by Det Norske Veritas.