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Farm & Equestrian Center

A taste of country life

A soft horse muzzle in your hand, the sound of sweet farm animals, and the tranquility of the forest. What does feel more peaceful?

Let the kids get close to the farm animals

Visit our charming animal farm, located just 1.5 km from the holiday resort, and say hello to goats, pigs, rabbits, sheep, chickens, and more. During the daily feeding rounds, you can help feed the various animals. Alternatively, you can purchase a snack pack and experience the animals on your own.

At the farm, you'll also find our Equestrian center. Here, there are both Icelandic horses and lots of Shetland ponies. The equestrian center offers guided rides for beginners, intermediate, and advanced riders through the beautiful and varied nature, including the forest, protected inland dunes, and beach. For the youngest visitors, there's an opportunity to take a pony ride.

Here, you also find Madam Blås Kitchen, where you can enjoy cold drinks, coffee, tea, ice cream, and baked goods. Stop by and see what we're offering on the day.

Guests staying at the resort have free access to the animal farm.

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  • Open barn
  • Feeding animals
  • Guided horseback rides
  • Pony rides
  • Playground
  • Obstacle course
  • Madam Blå's Kitchen

Activity list

Feeding round

During the daily feeding rounds, we collect eggs from the chickens and feed the farm's goats, sheep, donkeys, chickens, and fallow deer, which you are allowed to get up close to.

  • Location: Farm
  • Registration: Not necessary
  • Price: Free for resident guests

Pony rides

Pony rides on Shetland ponies for the youngest visitors. Children MUST be accompanied by an adult to lead their pony. The pony ride must be done at a walking pace.

  • Location: Farm/Equestrian Center
  • Registration: Not necessary
  • Price: From DKK 75

Guided horseback rides

Guided horseback riding tours for beginners, intermediate, and advanced riders. You can ride all year in beautiful and varied natural surroundings.

  • Location: Farm/Equestrian Center
  • Registration: Necessary
  • Price: From DKK 350

Madam Blue's Kitchen

Here you can buy coffee, tea, ice cream and cold drinks.

  • Location: Farm
  • Registration: Not necessary
  • See prices at activities
Get up close to the animals
“Got up one morning and followed the morning feeding. Here you get up close to the animals. You can pet goats, pigs, guinea pigs, rabbits, and cows. It's a great experience for the whole family. Remember to bring rubber boots.”
Dragquist TripAdvisor

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