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Dining experiences for all tastes

Small hunger, big appetite, the light solution or even homemade? You decide...


Relaxation time, quality time, family time. Spend time with those you care about - let the restaurant provide the food.

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Thirsty, hungry or just hungry for deliciousness? Come by the Café and treat yourself with the many temptations.

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Couple time, intimacy, or time with friends. The gallery invites to quality time with time for presence and deep conversations, while the taste buds get indulged.

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Deli & Take Away

Play time, bath time, dinner time. Spend time with family. Choose the easy solution - pick up the food in the Deli & Take Away.

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Groceries, non-food and bake-off. Rye bread, French bread and pastry. Organic, lactose-free and gluten-free. Sportswear, swimwear and toys.

In our well-stocked supermarket you will find everything you need for your holiday.

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