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Bowling & cinema

Who is the biggest bowling shark?

Bring the family together across generations

Quality time both the slow time and when things are fast-paced

Bring your family and friends together for a round of bowling and guaranteed fun time. Everyone can join, big or small. Simply choose bumper lanes for the little ones and let the competition begin.

In the bowling center, you can also play pool, billiards, and darts, as well as try out the various arcade machines. Additionally, try the shooting simulator, where you can shoot clay pigeons, wild boars, cans, and ducks, or go on a safari hunt. You have 11 games to choose from in various difficulty levels.

In the Irish pub, we offer delicious snacks, cold beer, and colorful drinks for both kids and adults.

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  • 8 bowling lanes
  • Cinema
  • Irish pub
  • Shooting simulator
  • Darts Pool & billiards
  • Arcade games
  • Smoking cabin

Bowling center with access to...

In the bowling center, you will also find Denmark's maybe smallest cinema with 24 seats. Cozy kids' and family films are shown here every day. And remember to get popcorn which is essential for a good movie experience. Popcorn, candy, and soft drinks can be bought at the bar in the bowling center.

Selected major sports events are also shown on the big screen in the cinema. See the activity booking for a selection of movies.

Resident guests have free access to the cinema.

Activity overview


Spare, strike, or split? Bowling is the game where everyone can participate.

  • Location: Bowling center
  • Registration: Necessary
  • Price: DKK 218 + shoe rental

Kids disco bowling

At kids' disco bowling, we listen to kids' music and have light shows. Try our fun and colorful kids' drinks, too.

Power bowling

If you make a strike with the red pin at the front during power bowling, all players on the lane will get a shot. Children and teenagers under 18 years old get a soda instead.

  • Location: Bowling center
  • Registration: Necessary
  • Price: DKK 258 + shoe rental

Buffet & Bowling

Combine a game of bowling with a visit to the restaurant, where you can enjoy a delicious menu or buffet.

  • Location: Bowling center/restaurant
  • Registration: Necessary
  • Price: See prices at the bowling center

The cinema

In Denmark's possibly smallest cinema with only 24 seats, a great experience is guaranteed.

  • Location: Bowling center
  • Registration: Necessary
  • Price: Free
  • For resident guests only