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Activities by the Sea

Winter swimmer Bathing nymph Viking

Unleash your inner Viking or bathing nymph and jump into the blue waves

The sound of wind and waves at the North Sea

Try one or more of the exciting and different sea activities and experience Skallerup's fantastic location with the North Sea up close. Here you can experience ultimate wellness in the sea sauna or challenge yourself on a surfboard and SUP board. Don't miss out on these unique experiences.


  • Sea sauna infusion and a dip in the North Sea
  • Open sea sauna
  • Surfing and SUP (stand-up paddleboarding)
  • Hot yoga

Sea sauna with access to...

As a resident guest, you have access to an open sea sauna. A sauna as we know it, but with a unique location. The sea sauna is located by the bathing flag near house 474 and has a beautiful view of the North Sea. Enjoy the view and the heat - feel the positive effect on body and mind. Combine your visit to the sea sauna with a cold dip in the North Sea and have an experience beyond the ordinary.

Activity program

Sea sauna infusion and dip into the North Sea

Sea sauna infusion is an experience you won't forget. Here, you will experience ultimate well-being using cold and heat.

  • Location: Sea sauna
  • Registration: Necessary
  • Price: DKK 100

Open Sea sauna

Enjoy the view from our sea sauna and combine your stay with a cold dip into the North Sea.

  • Location: Sea sauna
  • Registration: Not necessary
  • Price: Free
  • For resident guests only


Together with HAVS Nørlev Strand, we offer a 2-hour introductory course to surfing and SUP (Stand Up Paddle).

  • Location: HAVS Nørlev Strand
  • Registration: Necessary
  • Price: DKK 399

Hot yoga with sea view

Try hot yoga in our sea sauna.

  • Location: Sea sauna
  • Registration: Necessary
  • Price: DKK 100
“Thank you for providing the perfect setting for our family holidays. The whole family enjoyed it, and your new sauna with a sea view is amazing. Several of us went into the water and enjoyed moments in the sauna. We will definitely be back.”
Trine Roland Facebook

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