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Deli & Take Away

Here, you can order the café's menus as take-away. Also, try the Deli's menu concept of homemade specialties and delicacies.

Skip the shopping and cooking

Choose from various menus in the Deli-menu concept. The menus are packed in portions for 2 people and are ready to be finished cooking in your holiday house.

In addition, try Deli's wide selection of delicacies and homemade specialty products, which can be enjoyed in the central building or taken home to your holiday house.
Note: Menus and delicacies do not need to be pre-ordered.

From the café's menu, you can also order pizza, burgers, and children's menu etc. for take-away.

“Cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Very child-friendly. Many opportunities for activities, and we didn't have enough time to do everything in four days. Plus, it's right by the sea. It's great to have shopping options and take-away on-site.”
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