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Every day we look forward to being able to share the unique Skallerup spirit with all our guests. Here you can see a selection of our personnel that are all ready to take care of you.

Sophie Stenild
Sophie Stenild Sales, activity, and marketing manager +45 9924 8348
Henrik Nielsen
Henrik Nielsen Operations manager +45 9924 8370
Jens H. Sørensen
Jens H. Sørensen Finance manager +45 9924 8369
Lone Hansen
Lone Hansen Skallerup Equstrain centre +45 3070 5423
Karsten Kjærsgaard Jensen
Karsten Kjærsgaard Jensen Skallerup Bowling +45 9984 8350
Christian Stephansen
Christian Stephansen SPAR Skallerup +45 9924 8375
Mette Larsson
Mette Larsson Sales and groups +45 9924 8494
Hanne Langthjem
Hanne Langthjem Sales and reception +45 9924 8495
Inge Normann Sørensen
Inge Normann Sørensen Sales and reception +45 9924 8493
Kirsten Jensen
Kirsten Jensen Sales and reception +45 9924 8496
Pia Jensen
Pia Jensen Sales and reception +45 9924 8492
Sofie Windstrup
Sofie Windstrup Sales and reception +45 9924 8497
Julie Thomsen
Julie Thomsen Sales and reception +45 9924 8485
Camilla Sommer
Camilla Sommer Sales and reception +45 9924 8484
Anne-Mette Thrige Nielsen
Anne-Mette Thrige Nielsen Physiological masseur, reflexology therapist, biopath
Charlotte Ahrenkiel Jensen
Charlotte Ahrenkiel Jensen Therapist
Hanne Lund Jensen
Hanne Lund Jensen Physiological masseur, reflexology therapist, craniosacral therapist
Kirsten Rasmussen
Kirsten Rasmussen Physiological masseur, reflexology therapist
Lone Bang
Lone Bang Physiotherapist, cosmetologist, foot career
Sirirat Andersen
Sirirat Andersen Physiotherapeutic masseur
Teresa Panduro
Teresa Panduro Physiotherapist Physiological masseur