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Sports & indoors play

Who wins the family duel?

Where do you want to take on the challenge? Badminton or black light mini-golf? Treasure hunt or squash?

Shoulders down and pulse up

Do you want it to be boys against girls, kids against adults, or everyone against everyone? Ball or racket? We invite you to fun competitions for all ages. With classic sports and new alternatives, there is a guarantee for entertainment. Whether you prefer fun family activities or activities that get your pulse up and sweat on your forehead.

Book a badminton court or test your skills in mini-golf on our Black Light mini-golf course. Try the climbing wall, fitness center, or play table tennis on one of the four tables in the sports hall.

Remember to bring your own racket and other equipment - or rent or buy it in the supermarket.

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  • Badminton
  • Squash
  • Fitness
  • Group training
  • Climbing wall
  • Mini hockey
  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Table tennis
  • Multi hall
  • Black Light mini-golf
  • Archery
  • Treasure hunt

Multi hall with access to...

At the sports hall, you'll find the multi hall. Here, we play "The floor is lava", where you can crawl, run, jump, climb, and leap around on different equipment without touching the floor.

At selected times, the hall is used for group training, where you can participate in activities such as yoga.

Activity overview


400 sqm fitness center on 2 levels with circuit training as well as traditional cardiovascular and strength training.

  • Location: Center building
  • Registration: Not necessary
  • Footwear: Indoor shoes
  • Price: Free for resident guests


Single, double, or mixed doubles - time for a match on one of our four badminton courts?

  • Location: Spots hall
  • Registration: Necessary
  • Footwear: Indoor shoes
  • Price: From DKK 50

Black Light minigolf

Indoor 18-hole course where clubs and balls compete in UV light with imaginative sea creatures such as lumpfish, octopuses, and dolphins.

  • Location: Black Light minigolf
  • Registration: Not necessary
  • Price: From DKK 50

Group training

Try one of our exciting group classes. We offer, among others, yoga, sound healing, and core training.

  • Location: Multi hall
  • Registration: Necessary
  • Price: From DKK 65

Roller Skating Disco

We roller skate to festive disco music and light shows. It can also be an activity for adults.

  • Location: Sports hall
  • Registration: Not necessary
  • Price: From DKK 50


Get your sweat on with a game of squash on the court by the play area.

  • Location: At the play center
  • Registration: Necessary
  • Footwear: Indoor shoes
  • Price: From DKK 50


Take on the challenge of a game of basketball.

  • Location: Sports hall
  • Registration: Necessary
  • Footwear: Indoor shoes
  • Price: From DKK 50


Test your skills with a game of hockey. Everyone can participate!

  • Location: Sports hall
  • Registration: Necessary
  • Footwear: Indoor shoes
  • Price: From DKK 100
Relaxing activities
“Denmark's answer to Lazanta Sport. Here you will find simply everything you could wish for an active holiday that provides peace and energy for everyday life. Whether you prefer relaxation, creativity, sports, wellness, or just enjoying the magnificent nature, Skallerup has exactly what you are looking for. A pure paradise for children, young people, adults, pensioners - there is a reason why people come back again and again, so what are you waiting for - COME AND SEE! :-)”
Skovly31 TripAdvisor

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